Airlink security

The area that we really want to focus on within this chapter is the aspect of network security that's unique to wireless networks: the airlink security. CT Limo

Traditionally, when you've got a computer network that is certainly wired, the information travels from point A to suggest B through those wires. Which means you have a phychical control over your details. You install them so you know where they are going. You can lock the door and the windows and no-one can get access to them. Though the wireless LAN it is another story. The details are transmitted with the help of some radio signals. So, means that gone about the physical control and security. The details are actually floating via a flight.

There is no possible way to avoid the radio waves emitted because of your wireless LAN to step out of the house. But instead it is possible to stop those persons who attempt to tune your radio waves in the purpose of hijacking your computer (scrutinize your e-mail, Web surfing habits, and the like).

There are a few methods that allow you to secure your wireless LAN and to provide some airlink security in your network

Introducing Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP).

WEP is really a defender of WI-FI network and it is based on a encryption system that scrambles (having an encryption key) all the data package which is sent over the airwaves network. So, even though your data is beamed right through the side of the house into that snooper's PC, it's going to arrive in an unreadable form.

Another function of the WEP (beside the the one that encrypts your data
that is transmitted in the airlink) is that it can be used to authenticate the users connecting to the feeder point. Shortly, you do not need the WEP key and then decrypt your data, but you likewise require it to get your computer linked to the AP in the first place. No matter if the WEP is enabled or otherwise not, if you don't have the key you can't connect to the Internet.

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